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Berlin Central Station or Hauptbahnhof, is a huge concrete, steel, and glass structure, located on the site of the old Lehrter Stadtbahnhof station on the banks of the river Spree. Constructed over an eleven year period from an original design by architect Meinhard von Gerkan, the station was officially opened by Chancellor Angela Merkal in May 2006.

The huge domed roof was constructed over a four month period and consists of about 11,800 individually designed glass panels each weighing on average 100 Kilograms each.

Central Station 1

During construction, the course of the River Spree was diverted, but even then, water leaking into the tunnels caused delays of over a year.

Central Station 2

The ingenious introduction of large openings in the roof levels, introduces natural light into the structure, even through to the lower levels. The station is an intersection and this is represented by a long hall running east to west, with another running north to south.

Central Station 3

Central Station