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Welcome to our website on the City of Berlin

The aim of the site is to introduce the visitor some of the “must see” sites of this fascinating city.

Berlin is a unique city with an extraordinary history. The Berlin Wall that once separated this city was dismantled in 1989, but there is still plenty of evidence of the past cultural and political divide.

Although historical sights and museums draw many visitors to Berlin, the city's growing art and music scenes have also become very popular attractions. The Berlin Film Festival has developed into one of the worlds premier film festivals.

Underground clubs form a major part of Berlin’s nightlife, but due to the size of the city it can be difficult to track them down, so a visitor would be well advised to do their homework prior to their visit or they could end up spending a good deal of time just wondering the streets searching for that elusive venue.

The weather in Berlin is generally temperate which only serves to increase the city's popularity with tourists.  June, July and August are pleasantly warm with average highs of 22°C to 25°C. and marks the peak of Berlin's festival season. December, January and February can be much colder with average high temperatures only reaching 4°C to 5°C. It can rain at any period throughout the year so it is wise to be prepared for this.

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